Katia Wagner

Journalist och author

Working as an investigative reporter and author, I have many times focused on young people exposed to assaults, who have been used and abused. Young people on the run ending up in the hands of human traffickers without any help, people who disappear without anyone looking for them. Adolescents pushed into jihad, used as labour and sex trafficking.

My work has taken me to many places in Europe, Western Africa, the Middle East and Northern Africa. I have met people in refugee camps and in prisons, in brothels and rescue ships, on hospital beds and by tombstones.

On the website I will tell you a little about my books, my stories and my lectures.



Contact and bookings: katia@katiawagner.se

Samtal i Almedalen med förläggaren Stephen Farran-Lee
Discussing with the publisher Stephen Farran-Lee. Photo: Natur & Kultur